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  • Click here to order Hermes Passe-Passe set of 5 online at The King Decor. Click here to buy Hermes' Passe-Passe, consisting of plates and mugs.You can order the Hermes Passe-Passe set with the "NEWCUSTOMER" discount code. Click here to buy Passe Passe, the sweetest set of Hermes.

    Passe-Passe set of 5


    Hermes’ entertaining series Passe-passe is one of the most popular sets that has recently attracted the attention of all parents. The Passe-passe collection, specially designed by Hermes for children, attracts the attention of children in particular. As The King Decor family, we have compiled the Passe-Passe set for you. You can click here to see…

child plate