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  • Hermes Balcon du Guadalquivir Plates, Cups and Saucers Set is now at The King Decor. Click here to buy Hermes red plate sets. Hermes Balcon dinnerware in limited stock.Hermes Balcon du Guadalquivir's best-selling dinner plates are in stock. Buy Hermes Balcon dinnerware with free shipping before stocks last.

    Balcon du Guadalquivir Plates & Cups and Saucers Set


    Discover the Balcon du Guadalquivir series with this Plates, Cups, and Saucers Set. The set includes a Bread and Butter Plate (17cm), a Dessert Plate (21cm), a Dinner Plate (26.5cm), and a Tea Cup and Saucer (20 cl). Each piece features the iconic design of the series for a sophisticated table setting. Hermes crafted the…