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  • Click now to buy Hermes Avalon III Throw Blanket - Écru / Gris Clair. Hermes' best selling Écru / Gris Clair blanket is in limited stock.Avalon III Throw Blanket - Gray is now in stock at The King Decor. Click here to buy Hermes gray blanket in Canada.

    Avalon III Throw Blanket – Écru / Gris Clair


    Introduce an element of luxury to your home with the Avalon III Throw Blanket by Hermes. This stunning blanket features a beautiful Écru / Gris Clair color scheme that will complement any decor. Measuring 135 cm x 170 cm, it’s the perfect size for adding a cozy touch to your couch or bed. Expertly crafted…