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  • Hermes Bleus d'Ailleurs Tea Cup and SaucerHermes Bleus d'Ailleurs Tea Cups and Saucers inside Box

    Bleus d’Ailleurs Tea Cup and Saucer


    Luxuriate in the Hermes Bleus d’Ailleurs Tea Cup and Saucer experience. This set holds 20 cl, just right for a solo tea moment. The detailed blue design showcases Hermes’ keen eye, and its top-notch craftsmanship ensures lasting durability. Elevate your tea time with this enduring and chic tea cup and saucer. Immerse yourself in opulence…

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    Bleus d’Ailleurs Plates & Cups and Saucers Set 1


    Discover Hermes’ Bleus d’Ailleurs set, featuring stunning plates, cups, and saucers. Includes a 21.5cm dessert plate, 26.5cm dinner plate, and 20 cl tea cup and saucer. Its intricate design and beautiful blue hues make it a standout addition to any table setting. Perfect for formal dinners or casual meals with loved ones. Elevate your dining…