hermes horse ashtrays

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  • There are 5 horses in the design of Hermes Pour Sortir Change Tray. Click here to order the new collection Hermes ashtray online. Find out the price of the change tray.Click to find out how much Hermes Pour Sortir Change Tray costs. Explore Hermes ashtray and change trays before stocks run out.

    Pour Sortir Change Tray


    Add a touch of style and practicality to your home decor with the Hermes Pour Sortir Change Tray. This elegant tray is perfect for organizing small items like keys and coins. Crafted from high-quality porcelain, this durable and easy-to-clean tray features a sleek design and the sophisticated Hermes logo. It’s a statement piece that will…

  • Hermes Cheval Cosmique Ashtray is now in stock. Click here to purchase the Hermes vintage ashtray with a horse motif.Hermes Cheval Cosmique Ashtray at The King Decor. Click to see the best selling vintage tray models of Hermes.

    Cheval Cosmique Ashtray


    Elevate your smoking experience with the Cheval Cosmique Ashtray designed by Hermes. With its exquisite craftsmanship and intricate Cheval Cosmique design, this ashtray is a true work of art that doubles as a functional smoking accessory. Measuring 7.9″ long x 6.3″ wide, it is crafted from high-quality materials and exudes luxury and sophistication. Whether used…