Hippomobile Dinner Plate

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  • Click here to find out the price of Hermes Hippomobile Dinner Plate number 5 and to see its photo. Click here to order Hermes Hippomobile Dinner Plate number 5 online.

    Hippomobile Dinner Plate N°5


    The Hippomobile Dinner Plate N°5 designed by Hermes is a beautiful plate that is 26.5cm wide. It has a picture of a horse-drawn carriage on it and is made of strong porcelain that can be washed in the dishwasher. This plate is really nice and can be used for everyday meals or special occasions. It…

  • The size of the Hermes Hippomobile Dinner Plate number 2 is 26.5 cm. Order Hermes' favorite Dinner Plate with the code "NEWCUSTOMER" and get the discount.

    Hippomobile Dinner Plate N°2


    Hippomobile, the eye-catching collection of Hermes with its triangular and geometric design, is now in stock. The 26.5 cm Hermes Hippomobile dinner plate will be the most popular part of your tables. We have chosen the Hippomobile dinner plate, one of the best selling plates of the Hippomobile collection, for you. Click to see other…