Hermes Avalon Collection - Luxurious blanket and pillow ensemble for unparalleled comfort.

Hermes’ Avalon Collection

The Avalon series is the first collection of Hermes that comes to mind when it comes to blankets. Avalon series blankets designed by Hermes from a cashmere weighted fabric are among the most sought-after products of Hermes. Hermes Avalon blankets, which have different colors and models, are suitable for all houses. So which Avalon blanket is right for you?

Which Avalon for modern homes?

If your home or office is designed with modern colors, a Hermes Avalon will immediately change the atmosphere of the environment. Colors such as gray, dark blue and mustard make your homes look modern. Avalon III Throw Blanket – Rouge is the most suitable for houses designed with these colors. Standing out with its vertical lines, the Hermes Avalon blanket will stand on your leather sofa and will be enough to change the whole environment. I recommend you to take a look at this highly preferred product of Hermes.

Luxurious Hermes Avalon Collection blanket gracefully draped over an elegant sofa.

Which Avalon for classic homes?

The most classic color of Hermes Home is orange. If your home is designed with more classic items, then Avalon Throw Blanket – Orange suits your home. Your home will look great with the color that Hermes has used the most since 1837. Hermes Avalon Blanket will both warm you and make your home look stylish with its cashmere structure. With this special collection, you will become the center of attention of your guests.

More Avalons!

There are many different colors in this unique collection of Hermes. The Avalon series, which has become one of the most classic series, consists of many different colors. You can visit The King Decor’s online store to see all the colors of the collection, which has made a name for itself with its vertical striped design. The King Decor’s online store has Hermes Avalon Blankets in 7 different colors in total. In addition, there are 2 pieces of “Avalon” Blanket on the island, a collection designed by Hermes for babies and children. Finally, Avalon Pillow is available in the online store with 5 different color options.

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